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Improving insurance customer service with automated data capture

Automated data capture solutions can help improve customer service. As growth through competing on price becomes more problematic for insurance businesses, the case for achieving more repeat business through customer retention becomes increasingly compelling. One insurer, Nationwide Insurance, found that increasing customer retention by just 1% increased annual premiums by over £0.6 million.

Pursuing customer service improvement places high importance on exploiting each point of contact with the customer. Compared with sectors such as retail or banking, one customer satisfaction index has found that over 70% of insurance customers prefer dealing with contact centres during initial enquiries. 

In addition, insurers need to be able to engage with customers through an increasing number of channels including email and SMS messaging. Cohesive management of information arriving via numerous channels can make all the difference in enhancing the customer experience.

Optimising information access with automated data capture

Increasing customer loyalty, retention and repeat business means improving the speed, accuracy and quality of responses to customers and minimising delays in processing enquiries, claims or complaints.

Here, automated data capture and workflow technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring optimum information flow. Information arriving by post, fax, email, SMS or web form is all processed on a single data capture platform, then routed and tracked through business workflows, allowing consistent, audited delivery to downstream processes or straight into customer case files.

Intelligent recognition technology automatically classifies captured documents and emails as enquiries, claims, complaints or change requests, enabling rapid, rule-based routing to the correct department or handler. This maximises the likelihood of a timely response to customers by improving the speed and accuracy of delivery and minimising manual intervention with its associated risks of document misdirection or loss.

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Linking document-based information with your CRM system

In addition to automated classification, data capture solutions enable automatic extraction of data direct from paper or electronic documents, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error prone manual data entry. Data such as policy number, name, address and even form check boxes or hand-printed information can then be quickly matched and validated against lookup tables or delivered straight to back-end CRM systems where it becomes available to contact centre teams, underwriters and claim handlers.  

The option to document-enable your CRM or claims management system also means contact centre agents will literally be able to pull captured document images up on-screen while talking to customers. This will enhance the customer’s impression of efficiency in your organisation and help resolve issues quickly while the customer is still on the line.

Benefits of better process visibility for customer service

Converting paper documents such as forms or correspondence to digital format allows departments to build electronic workflows around them. It then becomes possible for managers to see the volume of applications, claim documents or complaints in the system at any time, check on progress, assess the likelihood of bottlenecks and adjust team workloads. Workflow technology monitors documents against the time frames in which action should be taken and generates automated alerts and reminders to avoid any customer being kept waiting.

DCS provide mail room and process automation solutions enabling automated data capture from paper documents, emails and other electronic formats and routing of information via electronic workflows. To find out more, ask to speak to one of our business consultants on 01753 616 720 or get in touch using our Contact Form.

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