Businesses can get more value from capture

Survey suggests capture technology investments still underutilised

Improve the value of your capture investment with capture-to-processThere can be many reasons why technologies with proven business benefits encounter resistance to growth. With document capture technology, a recent AIIM survey indicates that many organisations operating successful scan-to-archive systems have yet to fully exploit their investment by moving to capture-to-process.

What is capture-to-process?

Capture-to-process combines document capture and process automation technology. As opposed to scan-to-archive, capture-to-process is a much more dynamic front-end system, allowing organisations to automate and significantly streamline document-intensive business processes.

  • By bringing greater levels of automation to processing high volumes of application forms or invoices, or the handling of insurance claims, enquiries or complaints, organisations are able to reduce operational costs and improve service responsiveness.
  • Capture-to-process technology captures business documents and content at the point of entry into the organisation. Items arriving by post, fax, email and other channels are captured, automatically classified and then delivered accurately to teams or routed and tracked through monitored workflows according to business rules.
  • Solutions allow organisations to eliminate the inefficiencies of handling paper, reduce human intervention and cut the cost of paper storage, while improving process visibility, auditing and real-time management reporting.
capture data to multiple processes Download the AIIM report - Capturing Data to Multiple Business Processes

Key survey findings

AIIM is a leading trade organisation for the ECM (enterprise content management) industry. Its capture-to-process survey was conducted among 460 member organisations to gauge to what extent businesses are leveraging the integration of capture and BPM (business process management) technologies.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 62% of respondents with scan-to-process implementations report expected or better-than-expected ROI.
  • 60% of users were keen to extend their capture implementations to further processes.
  • For 28% of respondents, capture was a critical component of their business processes.
  • 36% considered capture to be a key enabler.

Unlocking the potential

With proven ROI for capture in scan-to-archive applications and a high proportion of respondents indicating a desire to extend capture-to-process roll-out, the report provides insight into factors affecting future take-up.

Increased take-up is likely to be influenced by greater awareness of capture-to-process capabilities among process owners and IT, as well as moving from individual process to enterprise deployment, with 60% of respondents believing enterprise capture would improve ROI.


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Download the industry report highlighting savings and benefits of web capture.