Kofax Front Office Server - integrating front and back office operations

Kofax Front Office Server works with office devices such as MFD's, copiers and network scannersMost organisations have business applications to automate back office operations. However, the back office remains disconnected from the front office as significant expenditure on IT infrastructure and networks is required to link distributed front offices. Kofax Front Office Server overcomes this problem by offering a simple solution that makes electronic exchange of documents easy. Key features of Kofax Front Office Server:

  • Kofax Front Office Server can be deployed on existing IT servers.
  • It automatically detects multipurpose peripheral devices such as scanners, fax machines, copiers and printers and pushes a Java application to the chosen devices.
  • By configuring login on peripheral devices, employees can start using these machines to scan documents directly to document management systems, e.g. FileStore or SharePoint. Kofax Front Office Server also integrates easily with other line of business systems applications such as SAP, Oracle etc.
  • The electronic documents can be automatically routed to the back office or into the right stage of a business process.

 Kofax Front Office Server datasheet   Download the data sheet to find our more about the functionality and features of Kofax Front Office Server

Thus with minimum spend on IT infrastructure or hardware equipment you can enable automatic exchange of documents between your front and back offices. This eliminates a lot of administrative paperwork and allows front office staff to spend more time on customer facing activities.  It reduces time wasted filing or shipping important documents to back offices or vice versa. Thus, processes such as handling customer requests, which would otherwise take days to complete with emails or documents being exchanged between the two offices, could now be completed in hours.

DCS clients find Kofax Front Office Server to be a cost-effective solution for synchronising communication and processes with distributed offices. By simply configuring their existing MFP’s they are able to cut customer service times considerably.

To find out more about equipping your front office staff to trigger back office business processes without the time and effort spent managing paper documents, ask to speak to a DCS business
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