Extending capture capabilities to business processes

Extending capture capabilities to business processesEvery organisation uses documents to drive business processes, to maintain records and communicate important information. Documents might be on paper, or they might be in e-mail, e-forms, e-docs or any other electronic format. They might be stored in filing cabinets, saved on network servers or sitting on desks in distributed offices. But they all have four things in common:

  • They contain information that is critical to smooth business operation  
  • They are not always easy to find or share
  • They cost a lot in terms of space, time, effort and money
  • They are at risk of being lost, misfiled or damaged
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According to a survey conducted by AIIM, improved access to information is the key driver for scanning and capture investments. However, organisations that extend the use of capture technologies to automate business processes realise still higher benefits. The following graph shows which business processes benefit most from integrated capture and process solutions.

 ROI of scanning and capture 

Capture enabled systems Source: Survey to measure ROI of capture systems by AIIM, 2009

DCS can help you to integrate capture, document management and workflow. Our solutions allow the collection of documents and forms from anywhere in the business and their conversion to retrievable digital information, making it is easier to route information to other business applications, financial databases or CRM applications.

DCS offer consultancy to help you get maximum returns from your capture investments through:

  • Analysing what information needs to be captured and why.
  • Understanding business requirements and offering the flexibility to choose from an installed or hosted solution.
  • Design and implementation of a powerful capture, indexing and validation process to capture information from paper documents, emails, faxes, PDF attachments or any other electronic format.
  • Seamless connection to widely used business systems like IBM, Oracle, SAP or databases.

Most of our clients have seen a return on investment within 12-18 months.

Are you getting the best value from your capture investments?

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