How to Justify Document Scanning Costs

Document imaging can strip out manual paper handling and processing costs resulting in lean and profitable operations

Justifying document scanning costsAccording to a recent Gartner survey, an employee loses 10 hrs per week locating documents they require. This typically equates to £5000 per person per annum which could represent a not unsubstantial proportion of your operating costs. Systematically scanning and indexing documents as they enter the organisation can address this issue and help achieve significant savings from lower labour and paper storage costs and improved efficiency.

From the above, it therefore looks like it should not prove too difficult to justify document scanning costs or investment in document imaging and document management systems wherever the benefits outweigh the costs of managing the lifecycle of your paper documents.  

What are the benefits of document imaging?

Reducing business operating costs
In the current economic scenario every manager is trying to trim costs, and scanning documents allows:

  • Document retrieval time to be reduced by 30-90%.
  • Reduced hard copy storage and distribution costs.
  • Easier changes to processes – making changes in paper based processes is expensive and according to a study conducted in the European market, this cost can be cut by 64% by replacing paper with digital documents.

Accelerating organisation wide decision making
Document imaging and electronic document management increase the flow of information in your organisation. With documents scanned and stored electronically they can be retrieved in minutes, empowering decision makers to take decisions based on accurate, timely information.

Supporting regulatory and compliance needs
Most organisations are subject to regulatory standards like the Data Protection Act, IS0 15489, BIP 0008 or Moreq. With documents scanned, indexed and stored electronically you can maintain better control, security and governance.

Enhancing customer service
Your customers receive improved service, as your front facing staff can quickly access complete and accurate records. With a paper based system it’s difficult to maintain the accuracy of customer information, as data is input into business systems by manual data entry which is prone to human error. The on-demand availability of customer information can open up opportunities for up-sell to existing customers, improving the profitability of the company.

 cost justifying document management brochure Build your case for justifying document scanning costs

Optimising utilisation of existing line of business applications 
Any large organisation has a multitude of line of business applications that reference documents. Some examples are purchasing, accounts payable, HR and case management databases. Direct access to documents through these applications not only improves turnaround time, quality and productivity, but it also makes existing applications more valuable to many more people. Your staff continue to use existing applications with the added benefit of easy access to documents.

Leveraging existing investment in computer hardware
Document imaging can leverage your organisation’s existing investment in computer hardware by: 

  • Linking existing servers.
  • Distributing hard copy data to users digitally via an existing network infrastructure.
  • Performing digital document filing and retrieval on existing client desktops.
  • Utilising existing network printers.
DCS understand that document imaging is indispensable to effective operations management and have helped some of the largest organisations in the world to replace inefficient paper based processes with document imaging based solutions.

To find out more about justifying document scanning costs or the benefits of installed or outsourced document scanning solutions, ask to speak to a DCS business consultant on 01753 616720 or submit your enquiry using our Contact Form.

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