How To Approve Documents Remotely Using Mobile Devices

Eliminating delays in approving urgent documents using a new mobile utility

Using FileStore for mobile devices to approve documents remotelyMany business processes have an approval stage. Often, backlogs can occur at this stage when authorised approvers are away from the office. At best, this may add in a slight delay, while in the worst case it could mean critical deadlines are missed. By contrast, the ability to speed up customer processes by enabling remote, mobile-based document approval can deliver significant business benefits.

Beating the clock with electronic document workflows

With the evolution of document scanning and capture technology, it has become possible to replace paper-based approval processes with faster digital systems. For high volume document-based processes, the productivity and efficiency gains from digital systems, combined with the savings from reduced paper handling and storage, can quickly cover investment costs. 

The benefits of electronic document workflows can be illustrated with the example of invoice approval and processing solutions such as those offered by business process improvement specialists Data Capture Solutions (DCS).

Electronically capturing paper invoices on receipt allows tagging of the digitised documents with useful metadata. For a nationwide property management firm with approvers based in different UK locations and different approval rules for various types of invoice, the DCS workflow solution allowed “paperless” invoices to be routed instantly to the right approver according to tagged criteria such as invoice amount or invoice type.

The digital solution was faster, reduced manual input and eliminated data rekeying costs using automated data extraction. As a result, it was possible to speed up complex approvals processes and reduce overall invoice processing costs by approximately 50%, delivering a return on investment in under 7 months.

Approval from anywhere - mobile-based document approval

With a new mobile-based document approval utility, it is now possible to incorporate smartphones and tablets into the above digital document approval workflow.

With this utility, approval of invoices, sales orders, specifications, contracts or application forms no longer needs to be dependent on authorised approvers being in the office.

FileStore for Mobile Devices Download the FileStore for Mobile Devices product specification sheet

The utility is based on DCS FileStore document management technology, allowing authorised approvers to receive automated notifications when documents require approval, view them on the device screen and change their status to “Approved”, “On hold”, “Rejected” etc. The documents themselves are stored in a structured electronic document repository accessed via the internet.

Based on HTML 5, the FileStore mobile document approval utility is device independent, meaning it can be deployed on iPads, iPhones, the Microsoft Surface tablet, Android-driven smartphones and all other similar devices.

Benefits of mobile-based document approval

Here is a summary of some of the major benefits businesses can realise by incorporating mobile-based approvals into processes:

  • Can completely eliminate time lag in approving important or urgent documents.
  • Improves response times and customer satisfaction.
  • Removes dependency on authorised approvers being in specific office locations at specific times.
  • Can take full advantage of existing electronic document based workflows.
  • Gives staff greater flexibility in arranging schedules and travel.
  • Allows businesses to minimise unproductive time for staff frequently on the move.

To find out more about using mobile devices within document approval workflows, speak to a DCS business consultant on 01753 616 720, or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

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