The Digital Mailroom – A Worthwhile Investment?

Over 70% of organisations surveyed by AIIM agree that automating their mailroom has significantly improved efficiency and profitablity

Business process productivity can help evaluate digital mailroom performanceThe concept of a digital mailroom has moved from scanning mail items to archive to scanning them to process. Documents of greater business value like invoices, orders, delivery dockets, vouchers, customer letters or complaints are now scanned directly into business workflows.

Recent research conducted by AIIM shows that new measures of success have taken precedence over the traditional cost and space savings achieved by digitising the mailroom. Earlier, measuring what proportion of documents were rejected at the QA level would have been an important parameter to judge performance of mailroom solutions, but more critical business issues such as improved productivity of processes have now gained importance.

What are the indicators of success for your digital mailroom investment?

Improved access, shareability and searchability of documents:

The following graph below shows that over 50% of organisations surveyed believe that increasing shareability and searchability of documents is the most important measure of success for digital mailroom investments -

Improved throughput or productivity:

Digital mailroom solutions help consolidate all the entry points of incoming mail including sources such as fax, email, paper and web forms. The return on a digital mailroom investment can be increased by extending capture functionality to automatically distribute document images into critical business workflows.

For example, document imaging allows validation of order details with information available in backend ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and other accounting systems in turn resulting in quicker invoice payments or identification of fraud. Thus, improvement in productivity is seen as one of the most important indicators of success of a digital mailroom investment.

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A digital mailroom project should be treated as a business change project, as it directly affects the performance of downstream processes rather than simply being a paper based mailroom replacement project. The ROI calculation for a mailroom investment would be incomplete if factors like improved productivity, quicker turnaround time and better customer service were not taken into account.

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