Cloud Computing and EDM

According to global IT research firm Gartner, document management systems are amongst the top 10 priority investments for CIO’s in 2010 and hosted solutions have emerged as a popular model for implementation. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revolution (also sometimes described as cloud computing) allows companies to subscribe to software applications like web document management and outsource operation of the back-end infrastructure to the SaaS supplier.

In most cases, the SaaS supplier can do this much more cost-effectively, providing overall cost savings for the client. As a result, companies are able to manage documents and related workflow at low cost, freeing more spend for other investments.

Cost allocations

In a typical organisation, the IT budget is spent in three broad areas - software, hardware and people services. Hosted applications help cut costs across the three areas.

Software – SaaS gives you the flexibility to spread your budget across various software implementations and scale up or down as per business requirements.

Hardware – the costs associated with hardware installation and maintenance are passed on to the vendor, resulting in huge cost savings.

People Services – SaaS suppliers provide people services for continued operation and availability of the systems. So, the problem of underestimation of cost of resources (which -according to Gartner - might be 75% of the total IT budget) is addressed by hosted solutions.

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Leveraging SaaS economies of scale

A SaaS supplier with x number of customers subscribing to a single, centrally-hosted software service can serve all of its customers in a consolidated environment. This shares the cost of the server, the system is more resilient and provides better continuity.

SaaS allows better growth management

SaaS applications grow with you as your business grows. Companies do not have to make decisions on the type of application they need, restricted by their current size, but instead can make decisions based solely on business needs.

Accountability of the SaaS supplier

SaaS suppliers are typically held to monthly service level agreements (SLA) and are financially motivated to maintain adequate support and operational requirements on a recurring basis and are hence more accountable.

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