Client Testimonials

This page lists just some of the feedback we have had from our clients about our business information solutions and services.

HR Solutions - Client Quotes

"With FileStore HR we have set up an employee HR web portal quickly and easily. Content is extracted from our existing MS Word documents, Oracle database, and ERP system and then automatically pushed out to new formatted web pages with no involvement required from our IT team at all."

"We have estimated that in the first year alone DCS's FileStore HR solution has saved us over £150,000 in administration costs alone."

"DCS scanned all 3,000 of our employee files and uploaded them to their FileStore HR solution in only 2 weeks."

Mailroom Solutions - Client Quotes

"DCS handle all of our claim processing, legal transactions and cheque banking now which amounts to around to 5,000 letters per day.

As a direct result we now have much better customer response times and a 20% reduction in claim handling costs.

Our staff can also focus more on handling the problematic exceptions rather than straight-through easy to process items."

"DCS have so far processed over 1 million customer case file documents for us. Our staff can now process them from any of our UK offices and we feel much more confident that mail won't be lost or delayed in internal transfers or misfiling."

Microsoft SharePoint - Client Quotes

"DCS integrated SharePoint with our SAP system allowing us now to view invoices and other finance documentation from within SAP."

"DCS worked closely with our internal project team and added their unique expertise to ensure that our European rollout occurred on time and within budget."

"DCS now handle over 50,000 mail items per day from our EMEA region offices and scan, classify and route them via our SharePoint system direct to the relevant staff who process them. This alone has saved us over £250,000 per annum in back office admin costs."


Automated Invoice Processing Solutions - Client Quotes

"Last year following a tax audit we had to pay a bill of over £50,000 as we could not locate invoices relating to certain expenditure. I am now confident that with our new invoice automation solution that this would not happen again."

"DCS have reduced our 'per invoice' transaction processing costs by 50% and that is after only a few weeks of implementation."

"Handling supplier payment queries now takes far less time as we can immediately see where invoices are in the approval process without even leaving our desks."

Automated Purchase to Pay Solutions - Client Quotes

"We can now control everything from requisitioning, approvals, matching and automated supplier invoice processes within a single console. It was far cheaper and easier to implement than doing it within our current ERP system."

"Our accounts payable team can now process more than double the amount of invoices they could previously and we have also reduced the approval process time by 30%."

"DCS spent considerable time listening to us before they presented their own specific solution. This made us feel that the final solution they implemented was completely matched to what we wanted to achieve."


Patient Records Management - Client Quotes

"DCS have so far converted over 200,000 patient record files for our trust from paper to digital format. This is something which we could never have achieved ourselves."

"FileStore allows our clinicians to view legacy records from anywhere in the hospital 24/7. The cost of implementing this has been minimal compared to the value it provides."

"DCS helped us analyse the long term costs, risks and benefits of paper storage vs phased digitalisation.

Once the conclusions were documented it was clear that we could no longer justify our ongoing record store processes."

Outsource Service Quotes

"DCS hosted solutions and outsource services now handle many of our benefits, welfare, housing and finance transactions at a simple per unit charge.

This gives us much better control over our costs and allows us to scale resources up or down instantly as demand changes without having to take on extra staff."

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Brightside Group has partnered with DCS to introduce robotic process automation.

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