Sales Order Processing

sales orderOrganisations dealing with a high volume of sales orders can find the process costly and time-consuming when carried out manually. With sales order processing being such a key part of the process which generates revenue for the company, it’s important to have an efficient and accurate process in place.

DCS’s sales order processing solutions ensure orders are dealt with quickly and accurately, which can speed up the revenue cycle and help win repeat business. Sales orders are automatically captured and processed through a single managed stream irrespective of whether they arrive via web, fax, post or email.

Error-free and auditable sales order process

Order data is automatically extracted, validated and then processed according to your internal rules. Clean data is seamlessly integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and sales processing systems. With MS Visio functionality, you can easily create and manage workflow processes, approvals, escalations, exceptions, returns and communication processes automatically. Customers can track orders, view stock levels, handle returns and check order document information via a customer portal providing real-time data on the status of current orders.

How it works

Our sales order processing solutions can be easily integrated into all widely used backend ERP systems including SAP and Oracle, or integrated with SQL data tables and other legacy systems with minimal changes. You can benefit from lower processing costs and greatly improved sales order handling thanks to the following award-winning software components.

  • FileStore EDM – Manages sales order document storage and can be integrated easily with existing systems. Now you can centrally store the whole end-to-end sales transaction information from quotes to invoices in one auditable and secure location.

  • FileStore BPMFileStore BPM – Automates your sales order processes so that product configurations, credit applications, approvals and other stages can be automated, tracked and escalated quickly when exceptions or bottlenecks occur. Automated communication and integration between other backend systems is easy via SQL, XML, web services and a range of other methods.

  • Kofax Capture – Streamlines order capture by digitising paper, fax, email or web orders and then extracting line items and customer information with validation against customer, parts and stock tables. The Kofax Communication Server allows seamless communications with your customers and distributors via event driven email and SMS messaging.