Integrating Claims Handling Systems with Existing Software

Easy integration of claim handling systems with document management software

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsClaim handling operations already have dedicated software and systems in place. The automated document management solutions provided by UK based DCS Ltd are designed to augment your line of business systems and software by improving their capabilities in the areas of records management, document/information capture from multiple channels and process automation for routing, approval and collaboration with remote partners and staff.

The FileStore technology at the heart of the DCS document management software is designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with existing and future line of business software. With minimal IT involvement, our solutions can be integrated with systems from FIS, Guidewire, Fineos, SharePoint, FileNet, EMC, Chordiant, Oracle Claims, SAP Claims and many more.

The cost of our solutions usually compares very favourably with the document management and workflow modules from these vendors. They also offer greater functionality and flexibility and have the additional advantage of being re-deployable in other areas of your business.

Claim management system integration

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsYour strategy is to move away from inefficient paper-based claim handling processes. In these processes data are received on paper and manually registered on your existing case management systems. The documents then require manual filing. If your staff needs to consult a paper document at a later date or send a copy to another office, they need to spend time retrieving, copying and forwarding.

With our solutions you are working with electronic versions of documents which can be retrieved, viewed and shared in seconds. The DCS software solution allowing you to move to a paperless workflow doesn’t require you to change or upgrade your existing IT investment. Instead, our solution electronically captures incoming claims forms and related documents, stores them and makes them available to your system with a simple level of integration. Your case management system effectively becomes image enabled by linking case records on your system to captured document images.

CRM integration

Integration of DCS document management software with your database systems also allows you to take advantage of automated data extraction functionality. Automated extraction of data such as customer name, contact details or policy number from captured documents reduces the need for manual data entry into claim management and CRM systems and allows data validation against existing customer records. CRM systems can also be image enabled, allowing them to link to images of any customer-originated document such as application forms, claim forms or letters of complaint.

Whatever the software system, the DCS claim processing solution allows your claim management operation to move from paper based to automated paperless workflows on your existing IT platform.

The FileStore document management solution can be implemented as either:

  • An on-site installed system
  • A hosted SaaS system available on a pay-on-demand basis requiring minimal upfront capital outlay

Looking for a claims management solution which would integrate with existing line of business systems? Talk to one of our business consultants today on 01753 616720 or fill in our contact form to receive more information on our claims management solutions.

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions
Digital claims documents are automatically filed and distributed which means your team can access information easily and quickly.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions
Teams based in multiple locations can access the same information so remote adjusters or solicitors can work on the same files, speeding up claims processing.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions
Customers can see and submit claims documents online which reduces claim team workload and promotes better customer service.

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