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Preserving Unstructured Data

By James Howlett - 2 Aug 2019

Unstructured data presents challenges in that its purpose can be difficult to establish without painstakingly and manually poring over it. But nobody has time for that, so the biggest favour a company can do itself is to scan to process all documents on arrival – paper and electronic.

Even in the absence of text or number fields for regular data extraction, a well-customised scanning solution can still be taught to look out for critical indications how to treat an unexpected document format, by priming the system to recognise certain words as clues as to the document’s purpose.

As the data is imaged and stored electronically, any paper originals can be securely destroyed. This measure - plus ensuring that access to the data is only given to whoever is necessarily authorised - means that protection of unstructured data is accomplished.

If a front-end scanning solution feeds into a comprehensive workflow solution, then the automation benefits penetrate far deeper into the organisation.

In summary: to protect unstructured data, scan it.
To make it useful, scan it before doing anything else with it!

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