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Document Sharing in a Modern Organisation

By Neetika Khanna - 9 Jun 2016

The fact is that it's secure in the sense that it gives your employees a section on the platform to store and access documents remotely when they are working from home or share them with other remote workers.

However, it is an IT/Compliance manager's nightmare as they are not aware on which servers these files are being stored, how secure they are, what is the back up disaster recovery plan and where are the servers located. In short, IT managers have no control on how and where the documents are being stored.

It isn't the best tool from a users perspective either. Users store the files for remote access or for sharing but as the volume and type of files increases it becomes complex or almost impossible to retrieve information.

Employees are using these platforms in the absence of a secure information sharing platform. The challenge is for organisations to invest in document storage and content sharing platform that is secure, meets compliance requirements and easy enough for employees to learn and start using on a daily basis. 

Why would organisations invest in a central document management system?

First and foremost to control distribution of business documents over unsecured platforms and be compliant with Data Protection laws and other governance principles such as ISO 27001. Last year data breaches cost UK businesses about £2,031,250 in fines (Information Commissioner's Office, ICO).

A document management solution would allow employees to share information remotely, act on it and update information on the same platform. The workflow element is quite important as it can bring significant savings in terms of reduced process times and improved efficiency. 

Document management solutions such as Filestore provides ability to tag documents making retrieval as easy as a "Google search". Your business information library is not limited to tight structure making it impossible for employees to retrieve documents unless they learnt the taxonomy and knew what to search for. Dynamic document management systems tag each document with multiple variables making it easy to retrieve information with common sense keywords. 

Document management is becoming more important as employees and other business stakeholders demand access to information while they are on the move. We are talking about the BYOD generation who want information in their hands, not more than a click away.

Again document management systems can enable mobile accessibility of information, yet keeping business information within secure infrastructure boundaries of the business. 

Every organisation has the choice to provide a secure document sharing platform or to run a risk of sensitive information being shared over uncontrolled networks. What's right for businesses is obvious!