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Top 100 Legal Firm Embraces Paperlite


A long-established Top 100 legal firm has undertaken a digital mailroom and workflow project with DCS for the purpose of processing case/matter correspondence with increased speed and efficiency.

Like many many legal firms, our new client wanted to minimise the amount of paper being added to case/matter files and thereby reduce the volume and associated cost burden of storing physical documents in offices.

They have piloted a Kofax/MailManager-led postroom automation solution in one department, implementing a procedure whereby incoming case correspondence arriving by post is digitally scanned and validated, and the resulting digital documents subjected to a supervisory check before being worked on by lawyers in Solcase and other case-handling environments. 

Early calculations indicate up to 75% less paper being added to case/matter files. Fee-earner time is being saved and better protected for critical fee-earner tasks.
This is a flexible and scalable solution allowing additional duties and departments to be added. This enables a planned rollout of automated workflow to the entire company.

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