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New Cheque Imaging Option Gets a Go-Ahead

scanning cheque into computer

Cheque Scanning and Imaging

The government has shown acceptance to the idea of allowing banks to process scanned copies and images of cheques. This is good news for the customers and banks and Barclays bank has already run a pilot on the system. By imaging cheques customers will be able to deposit cheques through mobile phones, tablets or via self-service kiosks as well as bank branches. 

Arguments in favor of cheque imaging are:scanning cheque into computer

  • It is very convenient for the customers. Customers do not need to step out of the house  to deposit their cheques.
  • It will speed up processing of the cheques and all payments will be cleared in two days.


Our customers are keen to implement cheque imaging solutions as they can clearly see the benefits as reduced overheads and improved cash flow. To read more about our cheque processing solutions click here.
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