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Ofgem selects DCS for invoice automation solution

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Press Release, 12th March, 2014, Ofgem – UK’s gas and electricity markets authority has chosen Data Capture Solutions to supply an in-house invoice capture and approval system. The project is aimed to increase efficiency of Ofgem’s accounts payable department while reducing the per invoice processing cost.

DCS will be implementing a complete invoice automation solution for Ofgem whereby Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutionspaper invoices and email attachments will be scanned and captured on receipt.  Digital documents and captured data will be delivered to their back-end financial system and will also be made available for remote access through DCS’s own proprietary document management software – FileStore

The solution will also include automation of invoice distribution and approval workflow. Approvers within the accounts payable team will be able to access invoice information from anywhere on the web and approve, reject or route exceptions to different users without physically having to move the documents.  To know more about Data Capture Solutions invoice automation solutions please visit


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