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DCS Awarded Claim Automation Contract

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Kofax Capture software can be used to digitise claim documentsData Capture Solutions (DCS) have been awarded a contract by a leading international insurance firm to add enhanced automation capabilities to an existing claims capture process.

Building on the successful deployment of a Kofax Capture system which serves several branches of the firm’s UK operation, the new solution is to be rolled out Europe-wide.

Under the agreement, multiple Kofax licences in force across the firm’s UK and European branches will be replaced by one central licence covering all countries. This will bring significant consolidation and cost saving benefits to claims capture within the organisation.

In addition to the benefits of a single support contract, easier disaster recovery management and consistent levels of service across all European countries, the addition of Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) to the Kofax Capture platform will enable substantial automation of the claims capture process.

Automating the claims capture process with Kofax KTMWhen claim-related documents are scanned in the new process, Kofax KTM will use intelligent document recognition and data extraction techniques to automatically classify, prioritise and route scanned documents and claim information, thereby eliminating a series of manual processes in existing Kofax Capture deployments.

Kofax KTM automation will enable claim documents to reach business users much faster, while improving process auditability and enabling easier scalability to accommodate peaks in claim volumes. Product configuration and licensing also mean document validation can be carried out in different locations to the scanning, which offers greater flexibility of deployment.

For more information about automating document-based processes with Kofax KTM or managing Kofax licences, contact a DCS business consultant on 01753 616 720 or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

DCS are the leading Kofax reseller in the UK and have been awarded platinum reseller status.

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