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Improving searchability is one of the key drivers of implementing document management

Workflow and Collaboration Technology Rated Higher by CIOs

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Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsAn annual global survey of over 2000 chief information officers has shown an upward shift in the importance placed on collaboration and workflow technology among enterprises.

The survey of 2,300 CIO’s, conducted by leading industry analysts Gartner, suggests workflow automation and collaboration technologies have moved up in the CIO technology priority list.

With growth and operational efficiency ranking highest among business priorities, the survey reveals a trend towards focussing on the customer as the means to reconcile these opposing goals. This favours technology which helps strengthen the customer experience and reduces the cost of internal processes.

Workflow automation is one technology which can deliver in both these areas, enabling improved responsiveness to customers, while streamlining business processes with less manual intervention and more touch less processing.

Customer-focussed workflow solutions from DCS

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsWorkflow management solutions from DCS promote growth, increase customer focus and improve internal efficiency by enabling automation of customer-based processes starting from receipt of documents such as sales orders, insurance claims, loan application forms and even complaint correspondence.

Based on combinations of Kofax and FileStore BPM technology, solutions enable rapid, automated routing of documents to the correct handlers for prompt attention, supported by automated progress tracking, alerts and escalations. Benefits for customer-facing business processes include:

  • Greater process visibility.
  • Real-time data on workloads and KPI’s.
  • Early identification of issues such as process bottlenecks.
  • Processes become much easier to audit.

FileStore BPM workflow management software from DCS also integrates tightly with MS SharePoint in the collaboration arena. FileStore BPM enhances SharePoint’s own workflow capabilities, to which it brings a range of powerful productivity and efficiency benefits together with easy Visio-based process design and dynamic, in-flight modifications to already-running processes.

Improve your customer-facing processes

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