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Improving searchability is one of the key drivers of implementing document management

Why should you upgrade to Kofax Capture 10

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Why should you upgrade to Kofax Capture 10

Kofax – leading provider of capture technology, have released a new version of their capture software. Kofax Capture extracts important information such as machine printed text, bar codes, hand printed words and even checked boxes and transforms it to actionable information.

Why should you upgrade to Kofax 10?

  • A new improved user interface ensures lower training and support costs.
  • Reduced time of implementation as the browser based modules are quicker to install and configure.
  • Easy search for the document batches and improved administrator control over the system.
  • Reduce document preparation time and costs by managing better control over document batches.

What’s new in Kofax Capture 10?

  • New improved user interface – the new interface is user friendly and as simple as widely used Microsoft applications.
  • Web based capture system - Kofax capture 10 supports web based capture that means scanning, validation, indexing and quality control can be managed from a rich browser based application.
  • Better batch filtering – Provides better control and visibility of batched in progress. Kofax Capture 10 also allows you to search for a batch of documents by filtering on a specific criterion.
  • Enhanced batch functionality – Kofax Capture 10 has enhanced batch workflow improvements which allow the parent batch to be split further into multiple batches depending on their classification results.  
  • Support for multiple languages – Kofax Capture 10 supports multiple languages which can be set up during initial installation or you can choose your operating system language as the default. 
  • Better security controls as user profile management has been separated from other admin functions.

Data Capture Solutions is a Kofax platinum partner. We bring together the expertise of automating document driven processes with the knowledge of Kofax solutions to deliver document management solutions that are customised to meet your business needs.

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