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Case Study

NHS Shared Business Services - GP Registration Forms Capture Case Study

NHS Shared Business Services is a joint venture between the Department of Health and Steria. It provides back office and business support services to more than 40% of the NHS.

The Challenge

GP registration questionnaires are sent out to patients asking them to confirm their address and GP details. Processing of returned questionnaires was an intense manual process. Staff had to physically separate questionnaires with altered details from those which were ticked as ‘all correct’, before keying in or confirming each record individually. Degrees of legibility varied, so the amount of time taken to process a single questionnaire was largely unpredictable.

The Solution

Neopost installed an IM75 mail opening machine which DCS supported with two Fujitsu fi-6670 A3 scanners connected to workstations on which Kofax was deployed. NHS SBS phased in barcoded forms to speed up processing and automated recognition.

The Kofax scanning environment was configured to output CSV files for automated pick-up and use within the NHS SBS Access data system. The validation operator examines the scanned images flagged up as exceptions, and validates them by selecting from options or making manual entries and corrections where necessary.

The Outcome

Around 600,000 forms per annum are now processed through this new solution. Physical handling is reduced, as is the risk of error. The staff time saved on manual keying-in is diverted to other valuable functions.

Business Services Automation

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) provide a wide range of information management software and service solutions targeted at improving organisational effectiveness and efficiency, saving you both time and money.

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