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Case Study

Laithwaites - Sales Order Automation Case Study


Mail-order group Laithwaite's (Direct Wines) is a parent company to several prestigious and exclusive wine clubs and services, selling 4.5million cases of wine per year. They are known for good customer service.

The Challenge

With the majority of Laithwaites' annual 800,000 customer orders being received by post, they identified a need to reduce the cost of processing orders and improve turnaround time. Their incumbent process was labour intensive and not efficient enough to meet peak demand times, thus threatening profitability.

The Solution

DCS arranged to receive all of Laithwaites' mail orders via a dedicated PO Box. They are scanned on arrival with the order information captured and distributed electronically to Laithwaites' order management team. The files are stored on FileStore, which Laithwaite's staff can access them as required.

Customer service has been enhanced: Laithwaite's can now confidently process orders within 24hrs, at lowered cost and a saving on staff time.

Sales Order Automation

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