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  • I know where you worked last summer...

    Seasonal workers - by definition - come and go. But what about repeat returners? Do you keep an ongoing employee record or are they a stranger to HR each time?
  • #DigitalTransformation - the hashtag means it's real

    The concept of Digital Transformation has matured and is here to stay. Organisations long since won over by the idea of providing digital client platforms are now looking to their internal processes for their #DigitalTransformation wins.
  • What is the difference between Kofax Capture/KTM and Kofax TotalAgility?

    What is the difference between Kofax TotalAgility and Kofax Capture/KTM? Kofax TotalAgility can do what Kofax capture does and more...
  • Making right to work checks easier

    How to get your employee documents in order? Inability to produce documents to prove the right to work can result in a flat fine of £20,000 or even imprisonment for key stakeholders...
  • Are scanned documents valid in court?

    Even lead adopters of digital technology remain sceptical about the validity of scanned documents as evidence in court and hence maintain a paralllel paper trail. So, can scanned documents be used as proof in court? It's a question a lot of our customers ask before they embark on a scanning and digitisation project.
  • How Capture Improves Information Visibility

    While the self-service model is readily adopted by customer facing industries, other organizations seem reluctant to make this transition...


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