Document Imaging Solutions for Construction and Property Companies

Document Imaging Technology SolutionsConstruction projects and property management processes generate high volumes of paperwork. This can build delay and inefficiency into projects and contribute to high administration costs. With document imaging technology, converting documents to a versatile, searchable electronic format facilitates filing and retrieval, enables easier information sharing and provides the basis for cost reduction through process automation.

Property and construction firms can use document imaging technology to improve the retrieval and management of items such as:

  • Design documents and specifications
  • Mortgage deeds, title deeds
  • Maintenance documentation and operating manuals
  • Certificates
  • Safety documents, snagging lists
  • Lease plans, signed contracts and agreements
  • Supplier invoices
  • Large format plans and CAD drawings
  • Time sheets, forms and other employee and sub-contractor records

Fax and email capture

As fax and email communications become increasingly used to convey official information and approvals, teams in construction and property companies face the challenge of managing this content cohesively. To meet this requirement, DCS provide fax and email capture solutions which process content on the same imaging platform used for paper documents. This enables teams to store, retrieve and view all incoming business communications in a common format, regardless of communication method.

Document imaging technology at the heart of mailroom automation

Document Imaging Helps Reduce Valuable Floor SpaceThe time taken to sort and deliver high volumes of incoming mail can cause delays in receiving business critical documents, resulting in delayed response or processing. This situation can be improved by building document imaging technology into automated mailroom solutions.

The DCS digital mailroom solution augments document imaging with automated mail sorting and classification. This system eliminates time-consuming manual mail sorting, as the technology intelligently recognises incoming mail items by type and routes them automatically to the right team or process according to pre-defined rules. Accurate delivery of critical mail items can then be achieved in minutes rather than hours or days.

Construction and property companies can get further mileage out of digital mailroom solutions with automated extraction of data from paper, email or fax documents such as forms or invoices. Using a combination of extraction and validation steps, this enables rapid processing of high document volumes and delivery of complete and correct data direct to back office CRM or ERP systems, thus eliminating manual data entry time and costs.

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