Workflow Management Solutions for Construction and Property Companies

Business Workflow Management Software for ConstructionWithin construction and property firms, revenue generating and back office processes can involve a large number of business workflows. In a commercial environment where companies are competing for and managing projects for several different clients at any one time, ability to keep track of paperwork and schedules can have a tangible effect on bottom-line profitability and performance.

Bringing greater visibility to complex projects

FileStore BPM workflow management software from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) allows managers to break projects down into a series of steps and build them around teams, documents and time frames.

With the ability to design processes visually using MS Visio, managers can quickly allocate tasks and gain a clear picture of conflicting schedules. Once workflows are “live”, managers can make dynamic adjustments, receive automated alerts and monitor team workload and productivity in real-time, providing a high level of process visibility.

Managing change

In construction and property businesses, FileStore BPM workflow management software allows managers to build workflows around electronic versions of documents such as bids, proposals, plans and specifications. Version control capability within FileStore ensures reviewing teams are automatically notified when updated documents are available, while allowing review of version history at any time. With a large number of documents in circulation, managers can keep track of approvals processes in real time and set up automated reminder and escalation rules to help ensure tight adherence to deadlines.

Leveraging workflows to reduce costs and boost efficiency

Improve business performance with better process visibilityWith DCS workflow management solutions, construction and property companies can reduce costs and boost efficiency with greater process automation. Digitising process documents such as supplier invoices as they enter the business enables their release into automated approvals workflows.

DCS process automation solutions enable automated routing and tracking of high invoice volumes to approvers according to pre-determined rules. This reduces the amount of manual input required to administer processes, while ensuring faster, audited processing, earlier payments and improved cash flow forecasting.

DCS helped UK property management firm Savills automate their invoice processing system, enabling them to reduce the cost of processing over 100,000 invoices per annum by approximately 50%, with a return on investment delivered in under 7 months.

Measuring performance with KPI and SLA reporting

FileStore BPM workflow management software allows managers in construction and property businesses to gain an accurate picture of the health of their processes. With the availability of desktop dashboards, managers can obtain granular KPI and SLA data in real time, as well as being able to monitor team workloads and productivity, and identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage.

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