Document Management Systems for the Property and Construction Industry

Document Management Systems for Property and ConstructionProperty sales agreements, supplier invoices, land deeds, lease records, mortgage contracts and property management forms are just a few of the documents that construction and property service companies deal with on a daily basis. With a document management and control system, companies can eliminate manual, paper intensive processes and significantly reduce day-to-day running costs.

Document management software from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) enables contractors, property managers and other decision makers to access information from any web-enabled location and initiate business workflows, resulting in improved service to customers.

For our property management client Savills, we have helped automate the processing of over 100,000 invoices per annum, reducing both processing time and costs and delivering a return on investment in under 7 months.

How it works

Outsourced Document Processing ServicesDCS specialise in helping businesses take better control of their document-based information and streamline document-driven business processes. We provide business process, records management and compliance consultancy together with a range of outsourced document processing services and a document management technology platform. The key components of our document management systems are as follows:

  • Kofax Capture – Industry-leading document imaging technology enables information capture from high document volumes received by post, fax, email and other electronic formats. Convert paper documents to electronic format, build in useful metadata and make them fully text-searchable.
  • FileStore EDM – Electronic document filing not only reduces physical document storage costs, but gives you the additional benefits of instant information retrieval. Maintain unique electronic case files containing all documents relating to a property or construction project, enabling authorised staff to quickly review project history and progress.
  • FileStore BPM – Automate complex approval workflows by enabling automatic, rule-based routing of documents to approvers and decision makers. Reduce “per invoice” processing costs and exception handling with automated matching of invoices to purchase orders. Enable managers to monitor team workloads and productivity by document volumes processed, and obtain granular KPI reporting data.

Savills reduces processing costs with an Outsourced Invoice Processing and secure storage solution

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