Benefits of Document Management Software for Property and Construction Companies

Reduce document storage space

Benefits Document Management for Property and ConstructionCompanies in the property management and construction sectors will be fully aware of the cost of floor space. With DCS document management software, these companies can dramatically reduce the amount of floor space occupied by physical document storage. We can help enable digitisation of all incoming mail items to reduce storage costs, while boosting the speed of information retrieval.

Make design information quickly accessible

In time-critical projects, the ability to access designs and plans quickly can be more than just convenient. By digitising floor plans, illustrations, architectural drawings, wiring diagrams and other diagrammatic documents, companies can make them available for immediate online viewing by consultants, engineers or customers for faster decision-making, regardless of whether they are based in different offices or different countries.

Ensure use of correct document versions

Improve Efficiency with Document Management SoftwareWithin property management and construction companies, documents such as tender bids, contracts, proposals, health and safety documentation or employee terms and conditions need to be available for consultation, while typically requiring frequent updating. Storing these documents with FileStore EDM document management software enables easy consultation from any web-enabled terminal. At the same time, document version control ensures use of the most up-to-date versions, while maintaining complete version histories for inspection.

Automate paper workflows

In property management and construction companies, a high volume of paper documents travel manually between desks, offices and locations. In processes such as invoice approval, this can cause delays resulting in late payments, not to mention the time and cost of retrieving or replacing misdirected, misfiled or lost items. Working with electronic versions of documents enables their release into automated workflows as soon as they enter your business. Automated workflows route and track documents efficiently through approvals processes supported by reporting and a range of reminder and escalation rules to ensure deadlines are met.

Improve compliance

Demonstrating compliance in an increasingly regulated environment can entail retrieving paper documents filed several years earlier or gathering information from email and other business systems. This presents onerous challenges to maintaining good compliance, as well as entailing significant administration costs. DCS compliance software and records management solutions help companies improve compliance with securely stored, traceable and easily accessible electronic records, while reducing administrative effort with greater records automation.

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