What are the Benefits of Document Management Software for Oil and Gas Companies?

Retrieve information quickly

Business critical information can be stored in an indexed digital format for instant retrievalCompanies operating in the oil and gas sector constantly receive business critical information via routes such as post, fax and email and also retain large volumes of paper documents in filing cabinet storage. With document management software, incoming and archived documents are stored in an indexed, text-searchable digital format, enabling instant retrieval regardless of document age, format or user location.

Improve compliance

FileStore EDM document management software from DCS provides oil and gas companies with secure and auditable electronic records. With our compliance software solutions, companies gain effective means to manage high volumes of records required for tax, IFRS, HSE or ISO compliance and substantially reduce administrative effort in managing records retention schedules.

Improve document sharing and collaboration

FileStore EDM document management software is built on web-based technology allowing remotely located partners to view documents on-screen using any internet-enabled terminal with standard browser software. Storing documents digitally within FileStore EDM means project managers, engineering teams and sub-contractors can collaborate effectively with ready access to plans, technical drawings or project documentation.

Ensure use of correct document versions

Teams in oil and gas companies frequently need to consult procedure and policy documents and these documents typically require frequent updating and modification. Storing these and other documents such as contract or proposal templates in FileStore EDM ensures ready availability for consultation and use with the ability to control editing rights and maintain full and annotated version histories for inspection.

Automate paper workflows

By systematically converting paper documents to digital format, oil and gas companies can enable greater workflow automation. With automatic routing, tracking and monitoring of documents, company processes become more auditable and more visible. DCS workflow management software allows managers to build process workflows around electronic documents, assess workflow effectiveness on an ongoing basis and obtain granular productivity metrics and KPI data in real time.

Reduce the cost of paper storage

DCS help companies significantly reduce paper storageStoring high volumes of paper documents over long periods for records retention compliance adds to the operational costs of oil and gas companies and takes up valuable office space. DCS help companies significantly reduce paper storage with solutions such as digital mailrooms or outsourced rapid back-file scanning to digital archive, as well as providing automatic audit trail logging to help ensure the legal admissibility of all records held in electronic format.

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