Document Management Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Sector

Managing your document assets effectively

Managing Document Assets EffectivelyFor media and entertainment companies operating from different locations and collaborating with remote business partners, document management systems are more than just a way to ensure better control of your document assets.

Award-winning FileStore EDM document management solutions from DCS bring the benefits of web technology to every part of your business that needs to store, retrieve and share documents productively.

Good taxonomy

Document management systems are of limited use if information is poorly stored. With FileStore EDM, businesses in the media and entertainment sector gain access to a robust, highly structured repository, allowing classification of document assets according to strict taxonomic rules. Our consultants can help analyse your requirements in detail to ensure you end up with a system which makes sense to those using it and achieves optimum user acceptance.

Document search and retrieve

To help your teams find the information they need in the shortest time, FileStore EDM provides a range of sophisticated document search tools. Your teams can search on index fields or use a range of keyword-based techniques, as well as using federated searching for items stored across several different repositories.

Sharing, collaboration and security

Intellectual Property and Copyright Protected MaterialDocuments in daily circulation within media and entertainment sector businesses contain a range of legal, contractual and confidential information, including intellectual property and copyright protected material. FileStore EDM allows you to store documents securely with tight control over user access. Managers can also compartmentalise information so that users only have access to the documents they need, and the FileStore audit trail logging module records all document access, revision and distribution, allowing you to keep track of who did what to a document and when.

Within this secure environment, your teams, contractors and remotely located business partners gain the key benefit of being able to access and work on the same documents simultaneously from any location with internet access. All documents can be annotated, with easy searching by annotation, and FileStore enables full version control to ensure teams are always working with the most up-to-date version.

Rapid ediscovery with FileStore EDM

With the high risk of intellectual property and copyright infringement in the media and entertainment sector, businesses need to be prepared for the possibility of litigation and the processes of legal disclosure and ediscovery. FileStore EDM comes with a built-in ediscovery module to help your business respond quickly and effectively to disclosure requests, reducing the time, cost and resources required to gather and manage the necessary information.

"FileStore Online makes documents globally accessible". Try our online EDM solution.