Document Capture for the Media and Entertainment Sector

Reduce demands on storage space with electronic document capture

Capturing Documents Electronically on ReceiptDespite heavy use of digital technology in the media and entertainment sectors, paper soon builds up on desks, and filing cabinets take up ever more space. Capturing documents electronically on receipt can help your business surmount these problems and open the door to a range of productivity and efficiency benefits.

DCS provide Kofax Capture technology enabling you to transform paper contracts, manuscripts, correspondence and other documents into a versatile electronic format. With this technology, you can securely store agreements, licences, statements, certification, employee records and all your tax and customs records and retrieve them at the click of a button.

Search contracts by keyword

Electronically capturing paper contract documents enables automatic document indexing and application of a range of metadata for ease of retrieval and improved manageability. Kofax Capture technology produces high quality OCR results with rapid validation, allowing you to extend still further the range of options available in retrieving documents at the point of need. Electronic document capture is the first step to fast and effective eDiscovery, allowing you to gather critical information quickly using fewer resources.

Fax and email capture

In the media and entertainment sector, communicating by fax, email and phone is the way things get done. This presents challenges when trying to keep track of different pieces of business information stored in different systems and in a range of formats. With Kofax Capture, your business can use the same technology platform to capture information from paper, fax, email, voicemail, SMS, telex, web forms and other formats for efficient storage and retrieval in the same system.

Capture added value with automated mailroom solutions

MailroomIn business mailroom environments, where manually sorting high volumes of incoming mail results in delays, wrongly delivered or lost items, the benefits of mailroom automation for media and entertainment businesses soon become clear.

With DCS mailroom solutions, staff quickly scan incoming mail items without sorting. Instead, captured items are processed using leading-edge document recognition technology. This enables automated sorting and classification, allowing rapid, accurate routing of critical mail according to your business rules.

For mail items such as forms or invoices, you can use the Kofax capture platform to extract and validate key data and have them delivered straight from paper into back-end CRM or ERP systems with no need for manual rekeying.

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