Workflow Management Solutions for the Entertainment and Media Sector

Workflow Management Software for Fast-Changing EnvironmentsThe fast-changing nature of developments in the entertainment and media sector places demands on the control of processes, especially when resources are stretched. Wherever document-based processes are involved, businesses can reduce administrative effort, improve control and boost collaboration and productivity with award-winning DCS workflow management software.

DCS workflow management solutions for entertainment and media companies capture inbound business critical documents from paper, fax, email and other sources and enable automated routing, tracking and monitoring, as well as more effective task scheduling and collaboration.

Contract approval workflows

In a fast-changing industry, the need to manage high volumes of new, ongoing and archived contracts in paper format can present significant challenges. DCS workflow management solutions allow configuring of workflow rules for different contract types and help enforce the use of compliant procedures. Rules ensure contracts are quickly routed to the correct approvers, and email notifications inform all parties in the workflow whenever review is required. Contracts arriving in paper format are converted to a standard text-searchable digital format which can be annotated with comments and revisions, and version control functions help keep tabs on version history. On-screen dashboards provide managers with a useful tool to track progress, monitor contract volumes and manage process performance and productivity.

Back office process automation

Automating document-driven accounts payable and receivable processes can reduce administrative effort, allowing accounts departments to focus more resources on helping improve business performance. With DCS process automation solutions, entertainment and media sector businesses  can automate supplier invoice processing, enabling automated reconciliation, coding and approvals stages and resulting in more timely payments, better supplier relationships and better cash flow forecasting.

Credit control teams can implement automated debt recovery workflows to monitor payment due dates and customer credit limits and generate automated reminders. These simple workflows help reduce team workload and enable reduced debtor days and improved cash flow with minimal effort.

Task scheduling and collaboration

Establish and Monitor Workflows and Task Schedules SolutionWith task scheduling, notification, tracking and monitoring capabilities, managers can build workflows around any team assignment. With the DCS solution, teams based in different locations can access the same documents simultaneously or share them with external collaborators, while granular, real-time management reporting allows managers to monitor individual and group workload and productivity, and identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage.

Managing expiries and renewals

DCS workflow management solutions revolve around business documents and records. To help entertainment and media sector businesses reduce business risks, converting time-sensitive documents such as licences, contracts, employee records or copies of employee visas to electronic format enables automated monitoring in relation to expiry, renewal or record disposition dates, and triggering of automated reminders, prioritising and escalation.

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