Document Management for Manufacturing

Making faster time to market a reality

Management of Documents in Manufacturing IndustryDocument management solutions from DCS are designed to manage documentation specific to the manufacturing sector including product documentation, inventories, contracts, CAD drawings, order forms, supplier invoices and delivery notes. We have helped some of the largest global manufacturing organisations achieve faster time to market by automating the flow of paper in their supply chain and improving multi-location information sharing.

With our solutions, information captured from documents can be updated directly in any existing ERP, SCM, order management or other line of business applications without any manual data entry. With faster and more accurate information access, orders can be processed faster making “faster time to market” a reality.

How does a document management system improve manufacturing processes?

Kofax Capture – DCS, in partnership with Kofax have helped manufacturing companies digitise their paperwork by scanning and capturing information from engineering drawings, order and delivery forms, quality documents, receipts and invoices. Managing these documents as electronic files is more cost-effective and efficient than managing high volumes of paper documents.

Document Management Software for Index and Reduce CostsFileStore EDM – With FileStore EDM document management software, you can reduce the cost of managing invoices, delivery notes and other business documents, as they are scanned, captured, indexed and stored in a structured format, making it easier to retrieve information.

FileStore BPM – With FileStore BPM workflow management software, you can automatically route order forms to different departments like production or accounts payable and speed up the order fulfilment process. Faster sharing of information supports just-in-time and other lean manufacturing processes.

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