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Manufacturing Compliance SolutionsWherever compliance records in manufacturing companies are held in paper format, there are risks associated with document misfiling, damage or loss. In the face of rapidly changing regulatory requirements, paper-based systems can also prove unwieldy and difficult to adapt. Retrieval of paper records during audits or legal discovery takes up significant time and resources, and long-term storage of records for compliance purposes can have significant logistical and cost implications. 

Reduce cost, effort and risk with DCS compliance management software

Capturing and storing documents and records in electronic format enables implementation of highly efficient electronic compliance management strategies using DCS compliance software. Electronic records stored in our FileStore system have high traceability and a high level of protection from unauthorised access.

Audit trail logging and the legal admissibility of electronic records

Manufacturers can confidently adopt an electronic records approach to compliance with the DCS audit trail logging module. This FileStore module ensures the legal admissibility of electronic records to the BS BIP 0008 standard. When new records enter the system, the audit trail logging module automatically logs all record storage, access and modification, making it possible to demonstrate the integrity of electronic files in a court of law.

Effective compliance with the Data Protection Act

DCS FileStore EDM software provides manufacturing HR managers with the means to store employee records securely without compromising access and ease of use in processes. FileStore provides a high level of user access control and has been tested by the UK government Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. DCS compliance software allows retention criteria to be automatically applied to employee records, which helps managers ensure no records are kept longer than necessary.

Managing industry, ISO and health & safety compliance

DCS can help manufacturers apply our compliance software to effectively manage compliance with any industry regulation, ISO standards or health and safety legislation. Our solutions provide compliance officers with the means to:

Managing Industry Regulation and ISO Standards•    Enable document version control.
•    Generate lists of documents requiring authorisation or review.
•    Set up review schedules with automated reminders.
•    Store relevant documents together in secure electronic case files.
•    Demonstrate document history with automatic audit trail logging.
•    Monitor document status and receive alerts when action is due.

Invoice capture and archive solution to accommodate a rapid increase in invoices

DCS clients can rely on the evidential weight of their electronic documents

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