Benefits of Electronic Document Management for Manufacturing Companies

Achieve faster time to market 

Records Available Across Multiple Teams and LocationsOur award-winning document management software – FileStore – makes design and production records easily available to teams spread across multiple locations and departments through a simple browser-based interface. Improved collaboration and easy access to records reduces delays in the production process, helping you achieve faster time to market.

Improve order processing by joining fragmented systems

Manufacturing organisations depend on enterprise-wide applications like ERP, SAP, PDM or other line of business applications for order information. With DCS solutions, you can normalise information across systems as data from documents like microfilms, microfiches and CAD drawings can be directly updated in these applications without any manual data entry.

Improve productivity

Best returns on document management investments are seen as productivity improvements which result from reduction of administrative effort wasted in handling paperwork. With FileStore BPM, documents can be automatically routed through the business process flow, reducing manual intervention and enabling faster processing.

Improve compliance with regulations and retention guidelines

All compliance guidelines require companies to maintain the integrity, security and confidentiality of documents. DCS help you enforce strict governance and document control with dedicated software modules that track and record each document through its lifecycle and build a complete audit trail.

Ensure use of correct document versions

You can achieve better document management and control by tracking the status of each document. Whenever a document is updated in the document management system the latest version becomes available to all users.  

Reduce Cost and Free up Valuable Office SpaceReduce document storage space

Storage of paper documents like engineering drawings, component lists and order forms is a huge cost to manufacturing companies. DCS can help you free up valuable office space by converting all paperwork to digital format.

To find out how you can streamline manufacturing processes and meet compliance regulations with a single solution, please call one of our business consultants on 01753 616 720 or email your enquiry to for a fast, customised response.

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