The DCS Document Management System for Water and Energy Companies

The FileStore EDM system from DCS can create effective information flow across departments and operational locationsFor water and energy companies, a reliable document management system is an important tool in achieving better information control, better customer service and lower operating costs.

With the award-winning FileStore EDM document management system from Data Capture Solutions, companies can eliminate filing cabinets and paper-laden in-trays and enable highly effective information flow across departments, business units and operational locations.

Customer service applications

With the added pressure of consumer switching, and the risk of fines for inadequate complaint handling, water and energy companies need to ensure staff have easy access to documents. Departments must be able to process high volumes of new account applications quickly and operate an effective system for prompt handling of customer complaints.

With FileStore EDM, customer service departments no longer need to be anchored to physical file storage or dependent on circulation of paper documents. FileStore allows departments to compile all customer related documents and communications in electronic case files and link each case file with a CRM record. Different team members can then easily track the progress of applications or complaints, quickly review complete customer histories and respond effectively to enquiries by pulling relevant documents up on-screen.

Rapid information retrieval

Water and energy companies handle high volumes of paper and electronic documents. With the FileStore document management system, they can structure this information with powerful taxonomic rules. This allows them to classify documents with library-like precision, enabling rapid retrieval and enhancing their value as information assets.

Sophisticated document search tools enable staff to search thousands of documents in a matter of seconds. Techniques include searching by index field, a range of keyword search methods and federated searches conducted across several different database repositories.

Access from anywhere – document sharing and collaboration

The ability to access documents electronically in FileStore opens up a range of possibilities for information sharing. Authorised users can view documents with standard browser software. Access “from anywhere” enables easier collaboration with external partners or remote departments, as well as processing of forms or invoices by offshore operations. To enable more flexible working and easier recruitment, managers can enable staff to access and work on documents from home.

Secure storage and full audit trails

FileStore provides highly secure document storageWith the FileStore document management system, water and energy companies gain highly secure document storage. Managers can tightly control user access and compartmentalise information so that users only have access to documents needed for their task. With FileStore audit trail logging, audit trails are recorded automatically for all documents entering the system. This enables companies to demonstrate who did what and when to files and helps ensure the legal validity of electronic records to BS BIP 0008.

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Respond more effectively to customer enquiries and complaints by quickly accessing application and correspondence documents on-screen.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Sharing drawings and plans online enables more productive cooperation with remote colleagues, sub-contractors and planning authorities.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Protect customer data with secure electronic document storage and high levels of audited user access control.

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