What are the Benefits of Document Management Software for Energy and Utilities Companies?

Reduce document storage space

Document storage: paper format can be reduced with a reliable document management platform from DCSElectronic versions of documents are now a widely accepted format for business records and have legal validity in a court of law. Used in conjunction with a reliable document management platform, energy and utilities companies can confidently eliminate paper to free up valuable office space and reduce the costs associated with existing or planned paper document storage.

Make design and production records quickly accessible

Converting facility and infrastructure documentation to electronic format delivers a range of efficiency benefits to utilities operations. Once electronically captured and indexed, maps, plans, wiring diagrams and other documents can be retrieved instantly and quickly shared with remote parties using standard browser software.
Document capture software improves the legibility of poor quality paper originals, and storing documents in indexed, electronic format eliminates the consequences of damaged, misfiled or lost paper documents during audits.

Ensure correct versions of documents are used

FileStore EDM document management software from DCS ensures that only the most up-to-date versions of documents are available for general access, while maintaining a complete version history for review. Departments in energy and utilities companies can take advantage of this facility to provide access to current versions of policy, procedure or contract documents, whilst allowing inspection of previous versions by auditing bodies.

Automate paper workflow

Important documents can be grouped, reviewed and audited easier if converted to electronic formatTypical of many work processes in energy and utilities companies is the need to move large amounts of paper through approvals, validation or reviewing systems. With DCS workflow management solutions, electronically captured forms, invoices and correspondence are automatically sorted, classified and routed according to pre-defined business rules. The technology efficiently tracks high volumes of documents through processes and gives managers desktop access to reporting on progress, productivity and performance.

Join up fragmented systems

Converting paperwork such as infrastructure documentation to electronic format allows departments to group documents, plans and diagrams into case files for easier management and integrate these with departmental CAD or GIS systems. Electronic case files allow facilities managers to group documents, for example, per building, allowing easier review and auditing. Customer service teams can set up case files, which conveniently compile customer application forms, correspondence or payment history documents in one place and link with CRM systems to allow easier decision-making or complaint resolution.

Improve compliance

DCS document management software provides energy and utilities companies with a range of tools to manage compliance effectively and with greater cost efficiency. The DCS solution generates traceable, electronic records with full audit trails and stores these securely with high levels of control over user access. Companies can set up complaint handling workflows with automated reminders and escalation to help ensure complaints are resolved within prescribed time frames.

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Respond more effectively to customer enquiries and complaints by quickly accessing application and correspondence documents on-screen.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Sharing drawings and plans online enables more productive cooperation with remote colleagues, sub-contractors and planning authorities.
Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and Solutions

Protect customer data with secure electronic document storage and high levels of audited user access control.

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