DCS Document Management Platform for Business Process Outsourcing

BPO service providers need reliable technology partners to compete effectivelyAs the business process outsourcing market evolves, offering cost savings alone is no longer enough to meet client demands. In order to compete effectively, BPO service providers must be able to deliver greater speed and accuracy, as well as be in a position to take on additional business processes from the same client. To meet these demands, BPO service providers need reliable technology partners who can help them respond quickly and fulfil their obligations in leveraging synergies between outsourced functions and generating greater cost efficiencies.

DCS are experts in developing technology solutions for business processes. We can engineer solutions for all or part of a business process, which BPO companies can then roll out under their own badge, saving the cost of developing their own technology platform.

Rapid availability of solutions and solution rebranding

To give BPO providers a competitive edge, their operations can quickly access and deploy any part of the DCS technology platform on a hosted, pay-per-click basis, allowing them to maximise their own profits, while maintaining client satisfaction. We can also enable BPO providers to rebrand our platform solutions for their own project specific purposes when developing service delivery packages.

The business process outsourcing document management platform

Document capture – Capture high volume business process documents such as forms or invoices from paper, fax, email, MFD and other sources, allowing them to be indexed, sorted and classified in a highly automated process and routed quickly and accurately to teams, applications and processes. Deploy extraction technology to extract key business data from documents with speed and precision and deliver them to back office systems with no need for rekeying.

Document management – Securely store captured documents from each business process in the cloud and enable controlled access 24/7 by teams anywhere in the world. Automatically generate an audit trail for each document entering the system to achieve effortless compliance.

Records management – Rapidly deploy an ISO 15489 compliant records management framework and effectively manage records declaration, retention and disposition for each client. Work with our consultants to implement and maintain records management frameworks.

Process automation and workflow management – Increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating document-driven business processes. Leverage automated notification, prioritising and escalation to ensure deadlines and SLA’s stay on target.

Integrate communications processes – Enable your service delivery teams to communicate with suppliers and clients via a range of communications channels, while integrating these channels into a single system. Save money with least cost routing and leverage event-driven email and SMS notifications to short circuit manual communications processing.

Granular performance data is available on the BPO document management platformManagement reporting – Generate charging reports itemised by client and or business process. Obtain granular performance data, giving managers real-time snapshots of SLA and KPI metrics.

System integration – Confidently build your outsourcing services with seamless integration between our front-end document capture, management and automation technology and back-end ERP, CRM and ECM systems.