Compliance Management Solutions for Business Process Outsourcing

Increasingly regulated industries need to manage the compliance challenge of high volumes of business documentsIn today’s business process outsourcing market, the needs of client organisations go beyond simply reducing back office overheads. As industries become increasingly regulated, managing the compliance requirements of back office business processes presents a range of challenges for BPO service providers. For each process, BPO’s receive high volumes of business process documents which can contain personal or confidential information, impose response deadlines or require declaring and managing as records, as well as being potentially required for presentation in a court of law.

Compliance management solutions from DCS provide BPO companies with the means to manage the compliance requirements of multiple business processes more easily and more cost-effectively. With our solutions, all incoming business mail is electronically captured and indexed, allowing compliance-related criteria to be applied from the moment of receipt.

Data protection compliance

Electronically capturing business documents at the point of receipt allows automatic classification according to pre-defined compliance rules. The DCS compliance solution will then ensure that documents subject to Data Protection Act legislation are flagged as such and consigned to a secure repository with controlled user access. Data can be compartmentalised within the repository per client and according to the access rights of different system users. At the same time, pre-defined retention criteria are automatically applied to documents, and notifications will be automatically generated, for example, when destruction of documents is required.

Easier record keeping and document traceability

For BPO service providers, compliant record keeping is facilitated by the DCS compliance management solutionWithin the DCS compliance management solution, BPO service providers gain access to a specially developed ISO 15489 compliance module. This compliance module helps BPO companies to implement and maintain records management systems which comply with the ISO 15489 best practice standard. Rules are applied to incoming documents such as invoices, employee records or complaint correspondence according to records file plans, allowing them to be stored and managed traceably and in keeping with security and retention periods.

Audit trails

By moving from paper to working with electronically captured business process documents, BPO service providers can also take advantage of the DCS audit trail logging module. For each business process document entering the system, the audit trail logging module automatically generates a log of all document access, editing and modification. The module helps demonstrate the integrity of documents with respect to BS BIP 0008 ensuring the legal admissibility of scanned documents and electronic records.