What are the Benefits of DCS Document Management Services in Business Process Outsourcing?

Flexible platform

DCS solutions allow BPO companies to customise for each clientBusiness process outsourcing operations gain access to our flexible resource and technology platform, allowing them to scale processes up or down according to demand. DCS solutions allow BPO companies to customise solutions for each client based on the best technology and resource combination, which can then be adapted and reused for other clients. Our web-based technology platform is interoperable with a wide range of business systems, giving you the ability to work with any client’s legacy IT infrastructure.

Rapid BPO contract setup

With access to DCS facilities and technology, BPO companies strengthen their ability to respond rapidly to marketplace demands. DCS can enable rapid BPO contract setup, because our solutions are available on a hosted basis. This means they can be deployed quickly using simple “per transaction” based charging models, avoiding the need for capital expenditure and on-site installation.

Enable offshore processing

BPO companies can capitalise on improved bandwidths and DCS web-based technology to distribute business processes to offshore workforces. Business process documents such as invoices, application forms, sales orders, complaint correspondence or claim forms can be electronically captured then securely uploaded to the DCS cloud-based repository for instant access and same day processing by teams operating from any web-enabled location.

Easily add functionality to your own platform

DCS document management, capture and process automation solutions offer high interoperability with ERP, CRM, ECM and other systems and applications. Our technology can augment the capabilities of your own platform, allowing you to add document or records management functions, improve document sharing and access, integrate fax, email and telephony systems, or enable more complex workflow execution, requiring retrieval, delivery and tracking of data from, to and between different systems.

Meet and exceed SLA’s

Meet and exceed SLA’s with less staff not more, by completely removing paper from your client’s business process, and building that process around automated electronic document workflows. Once you have delivered on your SLA’s for one process, you will be well placed to start taking on additional processes from the same client. DCS process automation technology streamlines workflows independent of physical locations and generates granular management data on SLA metrics.

Manage security and compliance across multiple processes

DCS technology allows you to manage the security and compliance involved in managing high volumes of documents for multiple clientsManaging high volumes of process documents on behalf of several clients exposes companies to a range of security and compliance issues which can be solved with DCS technology. Converting documents from paper to electronic format eliminates the risk of damage, misfiling and loss and strengthens disaster recovery capability. DCS technology generates traceable electronic documents with in-built audit trail and retention data and provides controls for highly secure handling.