Benefits of Document Management for the Transportation and Logistics Sector

Locate delivery documents in seconds and improve customer responsiveness

Whether you are a courier, transportation or logistics company paper moves along your supply chain as proof of delivery/goods received notes, invoices and other shipment related documents. Managing documents as paper can create bottlenecks as its accessibility is limited and overheads can quickly add up to inflate your operational costs.

Data Capture Solutions has worked with some of the largest transport and logistics companies in the world such as BAA and SDV Logistics, helping them reduce costs by automating paper intensive operations. Managing freight documents online in FileStore, our award winning document management solution can help:

Reduce document storage costs

By converting documents into electronic format you can free valuable space occupied by filling cabinets and document storage units. Capturing information from documents as they are created and converting paper documents into digital formats can significantly reduce cost overheads associated with paper processing.

Make shipping documents easily accessible

Filing of  POD’s and all other shipment related documents in FileStore makes retrieval of information easier as they can now be searched quickly with keywords like order number, customer number or invoice number. It also helps reduce loss of documents and minimises manual errors in processing.

Enable client access to documents

You can reduce shipment enquiries and status check requests by providing customers a simple web interface to check status of their shipments or deliveries. This will reduce time and resources wasted in search of proof of delivery.

Automate paper flow

Paper can act as a bottleneck for logistics companies with global operations and a mobile work force. Automating the routing of financial documents like invoices, purchase order within the business workflow can improve efficiency of operations while making each transaction traceable.

Improve compliance standards

With our document management solutions you can track the status of all financial as well as shipment documents making it easier to respond to legal queries. You can store large volume of POD’s for long times as required by law without spending heavily on storage or on IT systems.

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