Meeting Compliance Rules for the Transportation and Logistics Sector

Industry bodies like VOSA (Vehicle and operator service agency) and other regulatory authorities like HMRC closely regulate the transportation and logistics sector.

Document management solutions from DCS help transportation companies reduce the cost of meeting compliance requirements by enforcing compliance processes to manage documents like bills of landing, packaging slips and other business correspondence.  

DCS helps transportation companies’ convert driver cards, tachograph readings, freight documents and invoices into electronic formats and store them in a structured digital repository called FileStore EDM.  FileStore EDM is our award winning document management solution which is secure and allows only authorised users to access documents. FileStore also allows mobile workers and distributed staff to access order information from anywhere, anytime with a secure browser based application.

Improve industry compliance with FileStore:

  • Generate a full audit log of transactions and track each documents status in the process flow.
  • Automatically classify documents with different taxonomies such as supplier names, employees or vehicle identification numbers.  
  • Retrieve documents in minutes with a simple keyword based search. This feature saves you from being penalised for not finding the right information in case of a legal enquiry.
  • Alert record managers and other authorised users of pending actions so you never miss a deadline such as vehicle MOT certificate and tax disk expiry date or retention deadlines.
  • Establish common guidelines and enforce standard compliance procedures for all documents generated in different functions or arriving into the organisation through different channels such as – fax, email, paper, tachograph disks or other electronic formats.

FileStore’s active compliance module identifies compliance issues in documents as they are created and alerts the compliance manager to take appropriate action.  Compliance solutions help achieve better governance and control by enforcing standard document handling procedures throughout the organisation even if the operations are spread globally

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