Document Management Systems for Telecommunications Companies

Faster time to market with accurate customer information

In telecommunications companies, competitiveness and market growth are increasingly dependent on customer service and technical support. Reducing customer churn by responding more effectively to customer demands places critical importance on access to accurate information.

With increasing industry regulation, telecommunications companies also need to protect their bottom line by leveraging the compliance management capabilities of information systems.

Document management systems from UK company Data Capture Solutions (DCS) enable telecommunications companies to automate customer information capture from multiple channels. Routing this information quickly to the right people or systems improves ability to respond to customer demands, reducing churn and boosting competitive performance.

DCS have helped some of the largest telecommunications companies leverage document digitisation and information capture solutions for critical marketing campaigns and back office efficiency drives.   

How it works

DCS provide document management systems and workflow management solutions in the form of outsourced services, consultancy and a robust technology platform. Our technology platform comprises the following key components:

  • Kofax Capture – DCS are platinum resellers of Kofax document imaging and capture technology. We can help telecommunications companies convert high volume customer communications – survey forms, enquiries, complaints – into structured electronic data. Kofax technology captures these data from paper, fax, email and other channels enabling fast, accurate routing to customer service agents, marketing teams or back office processes.
  • To help meet tight turnaround times for producing marketing information from surveys or reply forms, outsource your high volume scanning and data capture to DCS at a low per item cost. 
  • FileStore – Award-winning document management and workflow software from DCS gives you first-class information retrieval, case management and compliance capability. Empower your customer service teams with the ability to view customer case file documents from within their CRM systems, no matter where they are based. Maintain customer data securely and improve business records management at lower cost with greater automation and traceability.

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