Telecom Company Document Scanning and Capture

Reducing paper handling costs. Improving information access.

Many telecom company processes involve managing and storing high volumes of paper documents and records, which can impede information flow and ability to respond rapidly. Managing large volumes of paper also incurs substantial handling, filing and storage costs and is error prone due to the large number of touch points in processing paper documents.

Benefits of an enterprise level scanning and capture platform

To help improve telecom company control over paper-based information, Data Capture Solutions (DCS) offer Kofax document scanning and capture solutions. The Kofax document scanning and capture platform is scalable to enterprise level and provides a single platform solution for processing all incoming paper, fax and electronic communications.

For paper documents, the solution enables telecom company departments to rapidly convert high document volumes to a text-searchable, tagged electronic format. This enables savings in staff hours through instant document retrieval and reduced processing costs through greater automation of document-based workflows.

With document scanning and capture solutions, telecom company teams can improve the speed of retrieval and traceability of a wide range of documents, including:

Customer care and sales documents such as applications, contracts, correspondence, complaints, written notes of sales conversations.

Live marketing documents and archived campaigns.

Supplier invoices and other back office documents such as expenses forms, time sheets, employee forms and records.

Technical documentation, CAD drawings and plans.

All paper-based records required for compliance – electronic versions have greater traceability and allow automated audit trail logging.

Following document scanning and capture, telecom teams can view these items instantly on-screen from any web-enabled location and from within existing business applications.

Multi-channel document imaging

Telecom company teams and departments can receive business information via any number of channels, making it difficult to manage information cohesively. With Kofax document scanning and capture solutions, departments can capture documents and data from:

  • Post
  • Fax
  • Email, including email body content and document attachments
  • MFD’s

The technology enables greater levels of process automation and improves compliance with automatic creation of audit trails for all incoming and outgoing communications. SMS or email notifications to customers, suppliers or staff, for example, can be triggered automatically on receipt of documents.

Benefits of document scanning and capture in the mailroom

DCS can help telecom companies deploy Kofax document scanning and capture solutions to rationalise mailroom overheads and achieve faster, audited mail delivery.

  • Centralising mail receipt achieves economies of scale and allows rapid automated throughput.
  • The solution eliminates time-consuming and error prone manual sorting.
  • Kofax KTM document classification technology sorts and classifies captured documents by type, enabling automated routing and delivery according to your business rules.
  • Kofax KTM data extraction and validation eliminates manual data entry and enables delivery of data direct to back office ERP or CRM systems.

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