Compliance Software and Records Management Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Compliance Software and Records Management Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

In the strive to compete effectively, companies in the telecommunications industry have to clear an increasing number of regulatory hurdles. With high volumes of records stored in filing cabinets, different data repositories and email systems, companies face considerable challenges and costs in complying with fast changing legislation and Ofcom rules.

The benefits of electronic records management

Electronic records management solutions from DCS provide telecommunications companies with a firm basis for managing compliance. DCS solutions store all records securely and traceably in electronic format and facilitate compliance with records management frameworks such as the internationally recognised ISO 15489 best practice standard.

In accordance with Ofcom General Conditions, companies in the telecommunications industry must provide records of how products are sold to consumers. Records can include contract documents, checklists, emails and correspondence, voice recordings or even hand-written notes accompanying sales conversations. With DCS solutions, companies can ensure these records are stored together in customer case files. This enables easy retrieval and traceability, while automated monitoring of retention periods helps ensure timely records disposition.

Easier Data Protection compliance

Telecommunications departments such as sales, marketing, customer services and human resources typically need to retain records which must comply with the Data Protection Act. With DCS records management solutions, systematic record declaration allows compliance to be substantially automated, significantly reducing administrative effort and costs as well as the risk of errors.

Our solutions help telecommunications companies ensure records affected by the Data Protection Act, such as application forms or correspondence, are stored electronically with the appropriate level of security and access restrictions. With automated monitoring of record retention periods, records managers can also quickly review when records need to be destroyed, in keeping with Data Protection requirements.

Meeting complaint handling targets

With more stringent regulation surrounding the handling of customer complaints, companies in the telecommunications industry are constantly exposed to non-compliance risks. In this area, firms can use DCS solutions to set up complaint handling workflows, which enable automated routing and monitoring of complaints from receipt through to resolution.

As part of this solution, Kofax Capture and KTM technology automates the capture and classification of complaints arriving by post, fax, email or voicemail and routes them according to pre-defined rules. FileStore BPM software then tracks and monitors complaint cases through the resolution process supported by reminder and escalation rules to help teams adhere to regulatory time frames.

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