Online Document Management for Telecommunications Businesses

Despite heavy investment in the latest technology, many telecommunications businesses still receive and generate large volumes of paper with its inherent risks and inefficiencies. Data Capture Solutions can enable telecom businesses to take better control of paper-based information with a range of options for implementing electronic document management.

Online document management

Telecommunications businesses with offices in several locations can achieve rapid multi-site deployment of the DCS online document management option with no need for local software installation. This gives telecom businesses the full benefits of FileStore EDM document management technology on a hosted, SaaS basis. With this option, businesses avoid significant upfront capital outlay with charging on a flexible usage basis, which they can scale up or down as required.

With online document management, telecommunications businesses can upload their business documents for secure cloud storage and rapid retrieval from any web-enabled location. Managers can provide auditable access to remote teams and external business partners who can view and work on documents simultaneously, resulting in improved collaboration and faster decision-making.

DCS online document storage promotes good disaster recovery practice and helps telecom businesses reduce the need for costly physical document storage space within their premises.

Outsourced scanning services and business process outsourcing

Telecommunications businesses can also access DCS document management technology by outsourcing high volume document digitisation and processing to our UK service centre. We can receive, digitise, index, process and upload business process documents to tight SLA’s and enable easy retrieval by your teams or offshore operations. We can help you build automated reconciliation and approvals workflows around digitised invoices, or deliver extracted and validated invoice data straight to your back-end ERP system.

DCS can provide low-cost outsourced mailroom services by receiving, digitising and routing business process documents on your behalf.

With our outsourced scanning services, you gain low-cost access to the latest scanning equipment and Kofax capture technology with rapid, high-quality throughput. We can help digitise entire paper archives, microfilm or microfiche, or assist engineering or facilities management departments by scanning wiring diagrams, large format technical drawings and plans, as well as converting paper diagrams into electronic CAD format.

Installing document management systems on-site

In addition to online document management or outsourced services, DCS can provide telecommunications businesses with on-site installed document management systems following the traditional capex model. DCS consultants will work closely with you to ensure solutions meet all systems integration, business process, compliance and records management requirements, as well as helping you derive optimum return on investment.

Summary of different charging options for document management software implementation

  • Per document
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement

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