Workflow Management Solutions for Telecommunications Companies

To compete effectively, telecommunications companies constantly seek to improve the effectiveness of front line and revenue generating operations, while driving efficiency and cost reduction in back office, administrative processes.

In both these areas, workflow management solutions from DCS enable companies to achieve automation and efficiency improvements, gain better process control and induce more effective collaboration.

More effective global collaboration in new product development

FileStore BPM workflow management solutions from DCS provide telecommunications companies with the means for effective global collaboration, enabling faster time to market for new products and services. The DCS solution provides teams and their external partners with a secure, global content repository and a web-based platform for auditable sharing and updating of information.

With FileStore BPM, managers gain a tool which links applications, documents and people in a global environment. By implementing projects based on standardised workflow rules, managers obtain repeatable processes, while the software’s monitoring capabilities enable easy real-time progress tracking across multiple projects.

Project workflow monitoring in FileStore is supported with automated alerting and escalation capabilities to help teams meet important deadlines. With in-built change control, previous versions are safeguarded when teams update live documents, and all workflow participants can be promptly informed of new versions via automated SMS or email notifications.

Supply chain management and automated P2P

In document-driven back office processes such as invoice processing, telecommunications companies can improve efficiency and reduce processing time and costs with greater automation.

With the DCS automated P2P solution, Kofax KTM software transforms high volumes of incoming process documents such as invoices into structured electronic information. This enables automated routing through reconciliation, exception handling and approvals processes, and delivery of extracted and validated transaction data to ERP systems with no need for manual rekeying.

Compliance best practice and complaint handling

The ability to design and deploy repeatable business processes in FileStore BPM enables managers to automatically enforce best practice procedures and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

To meet regulatory requirements for time-sensitive complaint handling, managers can build automated workflows around the arrival of new complaint correspondence. With the DCS workflow management solution, the software captures complaint correspondence arriving by post, fax or email, classifies it and routes it according to pre-defined rules. The solution then automatically tracks the progress of each complaint supported by reminder and escalation rules to ensure timely resolution.

Management reporting and KPI data

Across all workflow processes, managers obtain granular workload, productivity and KPI data via in-built dashboards and reporting tools.

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