Electronic Customer Case File Solutions for Telecom Companies

f better information access is key to improving productivity and responsiveness, the electronic document storage solutions from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) will help telecom companies bring document-based information into the equation.

FileStore EDM document management technology from DCS enables telecom companies to liberate documents from filing cabinets to dramatically improve information access and sharing.

Benefits to productivity

Digitising paper documents and storing them in FileStore EDM means thousands of items of information become instantly available for consultation by telecom teams. FileStore provides telecom companies with the means to organise and search high volumes of information, including:

Effective document taxonomy – FileStore electronic document storage provides the backbone for effective information retrieval by enabling companies to organise documents with library-like efficiency. Companies can tailor document taxonomy to reflect the way they operate, making retrieval more meaningful to users and encouraging optimum user buy-in and greater productivity.
Powerful search tools – FileStore electronic document storage provides telecom teams with a range of productivity-boosting search tools. Teams can rapidly search thousands of stored documents by searching on index fields or conducting sophisticated keyword-based searches. With FileStore’s federated searching capabilities, teams can also conduct rapid searches across a number of different networked repositories.

Benefits to customer service

With FileStore EDM electronic document storage, telecom companies can ensure all customer related documents are stored together in unique electronic case files for rapid, easy access. Teams can append documents such as applications, contracts, emails and correspondence, complaints, voicemail recordings and even scanned copies of handwritten notes accompanying sales conversations.

FileStore’s capability for seamless integration means telecom companies can effortlessly document-enable back office technology such as CRM systems. Customer service or sales teams can then open and view documents on-screen while talking to customers on the phone and without having to leave their CRM application.

Information security, sharing and collaboration

With FileStore EDM, telecom companies can manage information with high levels of security and auditable user access control. Managers can compartmentalise information, so that users only gain access to the documents they specifically need.

FileStore electronic document storage is built on web-based technology. This enables greater sharing of document-based information across company locations, and allows easier, more productive collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and external partners.

Better compliance with automatic audit trails and traceability

By moving from paper to electronic document storage, telecom companies can significantly improve their ability to meet compliance requirements. Electronic documents have excellent traceability and FileStore EDM automatically generates an audit trail log for each stored document, enabling companies to demonstrate who did what and when to documents throughout their lifecycle.

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