What are the Benefits of Document Management Software for Telecom Companies?

Improve customer service

Telecom companies can reduce customer churn with faster access to better quality customer information. DCS document management software captures customer documents and communications from post, fax or email and allows them to be stored together in unique customer case files. Customer care agents can then access these documents quickly from any web-enabled global location without leaving their CRM application. Automated SMS or email notifications inform customers of enquiry receipt or progress, while simultaneously providing up-sell opportunities.

Improve compliance

DCS document management software enables telecom companies to manage records with high security and traceability and automate records retention to reduce administrative cost and effort. To ensure timely handling of customer complaints, our solutions enable automatic recognition and classification of complaint correspondence arriving by post, fax or electronically. The software then automatically routes and tracks items through complaint handling workflows supported by reminder and escalation rules.

Distribute work offshore

With DCS document management software, telecom companies can reduce back office costs by making high volumes of business process documents available for offshore processing. Companies (or DCS) can scan high volumes of documents such as forms or invoices and upload them to the DCS cloud-based repository. Offshore operations can then download these documents for immediate processing at any internet-enabled world location.

Reduce paper storage costs

Telecom companies receive and generate high volumes of paper documents and must retain large volumes of paper records for several years. This results in significant paper storage costs and places demands on valuable office space. DCS document management software can help companies reduce these costs with rapid back-file scanning to digital archive and digitising all incoming paper documents. Digitised documents are stored in a legally admissible electronic format with the extra benefit of being quick to retrieve.

Automate paper workflows

Converting incoming paper documents to electronic format allows telecom companies to streamline business processes and improve process visibility. Feeding high volumes of documents such as supplier invoices through automated reconciliation and approvals workflows allows managers to monitor workloads and allocate resources effectively. Automated processes are highly auditable, improve processing speed and reduce manual input and costs. Simple web dashboards provide managers with granular real-time KPI data and process metrics.

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