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Compliance in Retail and Wholesale

Data Protection and HMRC regulations present wholesale and retail sector businesses with significant challenges in achieving good compliance. While avoidance of heavy financial penalties is highly desirable, the resources needed to manage compliance effectively, combined with the storage space required to retain high volumes of records for long periods, also saddles wholesalers and retailers with a considerable financial burden.

FileStore compliance and records management solutions from DCS can help wholesale and retail businesses achieve compliance effectively, while reducing the financial burden, by moving from paper to electronic document based systems and processes.


Retail benefits of DCS Document Management for Compliance


Traceable Records


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Complaints Handling

Filestore EDM: The DCS Retail Compliance Solution

The Legal Validity of Electronic Records

Guidelines from bodies such as HMRC place emphasis on good record keeping rather than record format and endorse storing records electronically. To assure the legal validity of electronic records in a court of law, businesses can take advantage of the FileStore audit trail logging module included in DCS compliance management solutions. The audit trail logging module logs the creation and modification history of all records in the system to help ensure the legal validity of records to the BS BIP 0008 standard.

Records Traceability

Converting wholesale and retail business paper trails to electronic format with the DCS records management solution gives your business records excellent traceability. This significantly reduces the time required to retrieve high volumes of records and minimises the risk of non-compliance fines through failure to present records during audits.

Storing customer and employee records securely

Businesses in the retail sector who need to store customers’ and employees’ private details can achieve Data Protection Act compliance with minimum effort using FileStore records management software. The security credentials of FileStore records management software have been tested by the UK government Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) who use it for their own internal purposes. With FileStore, managers can tightly control user access and compartmentalise information so team members only gain access to the information they need.

Managing high volume records retention easily

To further reduce the administrative effort in managing Data Protection compliance, FileStore monitors the retention periods for all records in your system, helping managers ensure that records are kept no longer than necessary. FileStore automates records management from records declaration through to disposition, allowing managers to easily monitor the retention schedules for high volumes of records held within wholesale and retail businesses.

Trading standards and complaint handling

DCS can help retail businesses implement workflows for processes such as complaint handling. Automated workflows help achieve good compliance by ensuring tasks are carried out in accordance with business rules and best practice standards. Complaints arriving in the business are automatically recognised and quickly routed to customer service teams for prompt resolution. Our FileStore workflow management software monitors progress and enables automated reminders and prioritisation to help ensure complaints are handled within prescribed time frames.

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