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Quicker Processing, More Savings

Invoice Processing in Retail and Wholesale

Dealing with invoices smoothly and efficiently distinguishes your AP function in the eyes of your suppliers and service providers. Settling invoices quickly can be financially beneficial, and DCS can configure an invoice processing solution which ensures promptness and accuracy.


Benefits of Using a DCS Invoice Processing Solution


Reduce Paper Storage


Faster Invoice Processing


Heightened Process Visibility


Pure Compliance

  • The need to retain invoices, VAT receipts and other documents for tax compliance also imposes heavy demands on storage space. With DCS document solutions, retail and wholesale operations can store these documents securely in electronic format 
  • Automated document classification technology enables fast, accurate information routing, and automated data extraction reduces manual processing by enabling more automated matching against information such as stock levels, customer credit limits or purchase orders. 
  • By integrating process documents with the systems in different departments and offices, our technology allows managers and teams to gain excellent end-to-end visibility of order fulfilment and purchase-to-pay processes.
  • Audit modules checks your processes against compliance criteria. It also retrieves sales order processing, invoices and other accounting documents faster.

Our Invoice Processing Solutions

Our outsourced scanning bureau uses the latest Kofax Capture technology to transfer invoices into electronic files. After you send DCS your invoices, the following three steps happen:

  1. Invoices are processed on a daily basis.
  2. Header and line items are captured which are then, if necessary, approved by supplier validation.
  3. Data is then uploaded through a secure site to the retailer or wholesaler's own internal infrastructure.

The bureau is an ISO 27001 accredited facility in Slough, UK with staff trained in the use of Kofax scanning software.

Following the source of capture, Filestore EDM executes the following processes:

  • Sends import of EDI invoices
  • Automatically extracts header and line items
  • Matches PO and GRNs
  • Validates data in your ERP datbase.

Filestore also fulfils compliance. The retention periods for invoices, VAT receipts, various employee records and other documents are automatically monitored and audit trails automatically generated.

Filestore integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, SQL data tables, CRM and sales processing systems, improving data flow and enabling documents to be viewed from any application.

Filestore BPM is DCS's workflow design software. It enables the viewing of outstanding invoices and creates automated processes for approving those invoices. Additional features of Filestore BPM.

  • Keeps a record of how many invoices are in each workflow
  • Tags with invoices are on hold
  • Records who has viewed the invoice
  • Identifies process likely bottlenecks 

Filestore is configured to the unique needs of each retailer and wholesaler. 


Systems We Integrate With

Integration - SAP
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Featured Case Study


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Notcutts were looking for a more efficient way to process invoices from their 2000+ suppliers. DCS beefed up their scanning process and connected that workflow to their approval system.
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