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Employee Records Management

Our document solutions provide wholesale and retail sector businesses with the means to improve back office efficiency and compete more effectively. They help businesses eliminate paper from processes and unlock the information contained in documents.



Key Benefits of Electronic Records Management


Security and Visibility


Fast Retrieval


Data Compliance


Cost Effective

•    Secure, central online storage of all business documents enabling centralised processing and authorised access from any branch.
•    Instant document retrieval enabling a faster response to customers and easier preparation for audits.
•    Robust protection of documents containing customer data and personnel records.
•    Reduced paper storage and handling costs.
•    Reduced compliance costs with greater records management automation.

Filestore EDM - DCS's Employee Records Management Solution for Retailers and Wholesellers

With FileStore EDM document management technology from DCS, staff no longer have to contend with filing cabinets or forwarding business documents from one branch to another. Instead, documents are simply scanned, captured and uploaded to a centralised online repository for easy access and sharing.

Multi-Site Access to Business Documents

FileStore allows you to organise documents in a highly classified structure built around the way your business operates. Documents can be organised by customer account, branch, business process or other criteria, making information easy to retrieve and share. FileStore EDM allows staff at any branch to access, view and work on the same document simultaneously, improving collaboration and promoting faster decision-making. 

Managers can tightly control and audit document access and compartmentalise information so that users only have access to the documents they need, providing better data protection when holding private customer details.

Customer Purchasing History on Screen

With FileStore EDM document management technology, wholesale and retail enterprises can compile all documents and communication relating to a customer or supplier in unique electronic case files.

With all information in one place, different departments can then access customer case files to quickly analyse purchasing history patterns or reach faster decisions relating to debt recovery, complaints or returns.

Seamless integration with CRM systems allows customer service teams to pull up copies of documents on-screen from within their business application while handling telephone enquiries from customers or suppliers.

Retrieving Documents Quickly

By converting paper order forms, invoices or correspondence to electronic format, companies in the wholesale and retail sectors can banish time-consuming retrieval tasks, while transforming business documents into information assets.

FileStore EDM document management software provides users with a range of sophisticated search tools, enabling them to quickly locate information contained in thousands of electronically stored documents.

Users can employ a range of search methods including keyword searching, index field searching or federated searches across different business repositories.

Systems We Integrate With

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Integration - SAP

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